Maya Tappoo

Mrs. Maya Tappoo

Founding Trustee


Maya Tappoo was born in Fiji and is a gifted Hindi language public speaker and has delivered various talks on spirituality in Hindi. She has also worked for 9 years as a Radio presenter for a leading and popular 24-hour Hindi radio station in Fiji.

For over three decades, Maya has been involved in philanthropic work hav­ing been a part of various charitable and social institutions serving the poor and needy of Fiji. She has spent her time identifying poor and needy indi­viduals and families, serving them and helping them in whatever way that she can.

Over the past two decades, she was involved with the Sathya Sai Service Organisation’s human values classes, community service initiatives and ᆳitual Centre of the Organisation in the nation’s capital, Suva.

As the Founding Trustee of the Sai Prema Foundation Fiji, she is part of an unprecedented mission to serve the poor and underprivileged through medicare, sociocare and educare initiatives.