Sai Annapoorna

Providing free food, clothing and basic needs to poor & needy families of Fiji

Sai Prema Foundation’s Sai Annapoorna volunteers have adopted 3 families to whom they provide basic groceries on a regular basis. These include rice, flour, dhal, sugar, tea leaves, milk powder, noodles and biscuits.

The first family includes 3 disabled adults, currently looked after by their sister, after both parents passed away. The disabled family recognises and welcomes the volunteers with smiling faces every time they visit. Their happiness was so easily noticeable and very beautiful to see. The second family, consists of six children being looked after by a single mother. The mother, after being motivated by the Volunteers, is upgrading her skills and is undertaking vocational training enabling her to get employment.

Providing free food, clothing and basic needs to poor & needy families of Fiji 45 Sai Prema Foundation Fiji – September 2017 The third family, consisting of a single mother with more than 10 dependents, is reliant upon the Sai Annapoorna Team for their grocery requirements. Although the mother is involved in setting up a food stall in her area of living, it is difficult for her to make ends meet due to the number of dependants. Sai Annapoorna Volunteers and members of the Sai Prema Foundation have motivated the elder children of the family to seek both part-time and full-time employment to enable the family to survive on their own.

The Sai Prema Foundation Fiji’s Sai Annapoorna vounteers will continue to look after this family until such time that they can become self-sufficient. In addition to serving food and necessities to the three families, the Sai Annapoorna Team has also extended itself to serving food, providing clothing and looking towards providing essentials to various institutions across Fiji. These include residents of the Fiji Blind School, Gospel School for the deaf, Samabula Old People’s Home, Hilton Special School, Home of Compassion, Father Law Home and Sisters of Our Lady of Nazareth Retirement Home.