Upcoming Projects of the Foundation

Sai Prema Ashram – A Global Centre for Love and Peace

The Sai Prema Foundation Fiji’s Sociocare mission is being fulfilled by the soon-to-be-constructed Sai Prema Ashram – a Global Centre for Love & Peace. This Centre, which will be open to all people from all faiths, religions, ethinicities, cultures and social backgrounds, aims to promote Love, Peace and Unity in Fiji and the Pacific.

Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Medical Centre

The Sai Prema Foundation Fiji’s Medicare mission will expand itself into a new dimension through the establishment of a free Medical Centre in Suva, to serve the country’s less privileged members of society, with particular emphasis on women & child health as well as a focus on Diabetes.

Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Super Specialty Hospital

The medium to long term plan is to then expand the Sanjeevani Medical Centre into South Pacific’s first Paediatric Cardiac Hospital which will provide the children of Fiji and the neighbouring South Pacific Island nations with free heart surgeries, giving them a new ‘Gift of Life’. The Sai Prema Foundation Fiji is truly grateful to have received the full support of the Prime Minister and his Government. A piece of land within the Suva City precinct has been dedicated by the government for the development of this landmark project. The Foundation will work closely with the Government of Fiji, the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, the Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital India and the international donor agencies in Fiji to realise this monumental project into reality for the poor and needy children of Fiji and the Pacific.

Control D – A Diabetes Awareness Campaign

In April 2018, the Foundation will launch a Diabetes awareness campaign and a treatment program for underprivileged Diabetes patients across Fiji by an expert international team of Endocrinologists. This program will be conducted in conjunction with the Fiji Ministry of Health.

You Are Not Alone – A Mental Health Awareness Campaign

In 2018, the Foundation will launch a Mental Health awareness campaign, through modern tools such as social media, targeting the Youth of Fiji who are susceptible to conditions such as depression and suicide which is highly prevalent in Fiji. This program will be conducted in conjunction with the Fiji Ministry of Health.

Sai Cares – An Employment Initiative for Underprivilged Women

In 2018, the Foundation will launch a project that will provide employment opportunities to underprivileged and unemployed women through the development of a product which will not only provide much needed income for the women but will also serve to promote positive human values to the youth of today.