Children of God

Looking after the needs of orphaned children

“Children of God” is a project undertaken by the Sai Prema Foundation to look after the needs of orphaned children of Fiji. To begin with, the Foundation has chosen to look after the Medi­care, Educare and Sociocare needs of the little angels at the Dilkusha Orphanage in Sawani, Nausori. From the beginning of the year, the young adult members of the Sai Prema Founda­tion have organized various events for the children of Dilkusha Home.

During the first visit on Saturday 21st of January 2017, a group of youth visited the 37 children and provided back to school packs (consisting of books and stationary) and afternoon tea to the children. In addition, the members of the foundation spent some quality time with the chil­dren. The children put up a beautiful performance of song and dance and this proved to be an enjoyable afternoon for all.

On the second visit on the 28th of January, a mini medical camp was successfully performed where these children were seen by a doctor, dentist, received nutritional advise from a dietician and were provided with free medication. This was a very successful camp as the children were provided with free medical care from health professionals at their doorstep. The aim of the camp was to screen and assess the children of the orphanage who would otherwise have had to hire a bus and take all 37 children ranging from 8 months to 14 years to the nearest medical center for treatment.

On the third visit on Saturday the 11th of March, three members of Sai prema Foundation conducted a detailed needs assessment so that the service to the Dilkusha home was actually service of need and not just conveni­ence. A discussion was conducted with the residents (children) and the caregivers with regards to what they felt were the priorities and what they needed to make their stay in the home more comfortable. The feedback from the young children was focused upon their living conditions as well as their edu­cational requirements. The deaconess who was in-charge of the home spoke about the need for discipline and focus on education.

On Saturday 6th of May, members of Sai pre­ma Foundation organised an outing for the children of Dilkusha home where the children and staff were treated to lunch and ice cream at a pizza restaurant in Suva City. 19 children and 3 staff members were the guests to this event. As well as enjoying a sumptuous lunch, the children were given the opportu­nity to play in the kids play area and the older children to computer games. At the conclu­sion of the event, children were given gifts and toys and left with beaming smiles on their faces.

On the fifth event on Sunday 18th of June, a few members of the Sai Prema Foundation visited the Dilkusha home and donated 20 ceiling fans. This was a need identified dur­ing the needs assessment, as the children felt hot in their dormitories in the summer months. The foundation got the assistance from volunteer electricians to get the wiring done and for wall mounting of the fans in the dormitories. The children greatly appreciated this gesture as this made their stay more comfortable in their home.

The sixth event was a follow up Medical Camp on Saturday 2nd September where the children were seen by Medical and Den­tal professionals for free in the comfort of their home. The aim of this Medical Camp was to follow up to gauge, reassess and treat ex­isting as well as new health issues that had emerged in the past few months.

The members of Sai Prema Foundation have deeply enjoyed working with the children and staff of Dilkusha home and look forward to continuing the care for the needs of or­phaned children of Fiji.

The final event of 2017 was a grand Christ­mas Party held at TappooCity shopping mall. A bus was hired to bring the children and their caregivers to the mall. Upon arrival, they were greeted by the SPF members and more importantly, by Santa Claus!

All the kids were very excited to see their favourite person of the season. After giving everyone a Santa hat and candies, the chil­dren all took turns to pose for photographs with Santa, and then a group photo was tak­en with the children, caregivers, Santa and the SPF members.

Santa took the kids on a buggy ride around the shopping mall. The children were all filled with big smiles, joy and laughter.

After the meet and greet with Santa, the kids were in for another treat! They went up to the fourth floor where the play centre for Chil­dren and the food court are located. First, they were taken to the play centre where they all had a wonderful and fun time play­ing amongst the slides, balls and obstacle courses.

Soon after, dinner was served at New York Pizza Kitchen. All the children and the car­egivers enjoyed some delicious vegetar­ian pizza, bread with dip and French fries followed by ice cream with fruit salad. The sumptuous meal was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

This was followed by a magic show and be­fore the teary farewell back to their home, each child was presented with a Christmas present and their individual photos with San­ta.