Gift of Life
277 Children given free Heart Surgery The Gift of Life is a successful project by Sai Prema Foundation providing free heart surgeries to the underprivileged... more  ^
Health on Wheels
27,000+ individuals have been served with free general and specialist medical services in rural Fiji Sai Prema Foundation’s inaugural project, Health on Wheels, was launched... more  ^
Sai Annapoorna
3,965,700+ meals served through the provision of free grocery & food packs. Sai Prema Foundation Fiji has successfully implemented a national food program by feeding... more  ^
Be a Hero
Over 4,400 pints of blood collected potentially saving over 13,238 lives Sai Prema Foundation’s Be A Hero is a successful blood collection project across the... more  ^
Medical Scholarship Program
Dr. Maryanne Kora’ai was given training in non-invasive Paediatric cardiology at the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital in Raipur for a period of three months... more  ^
Heart Beat
16,500 children given free heart screening in rural Fiji totally free of cost   Sai Prema Foundation’s Heart Beat is a child Heart Screening initiative... more  ^
Children of God
Children of God is a special project by Sai Prema Foundation Fiji undertaken to look after the basic needs and necessities of orphaned children to... more  ^
Sai Annapoorna For Animals
Sai Prema Foundation’s Sai Annapoorna for Animals is an initiative to ensure residents at the animal shelters are given nutritious meals and do not go... more  ^
Control D
Sai Prema Foundation’s Control D is a diabetes treatment initiative. A UK-qualified Endocrinologist was brought into Fiji to do week-long consultations of patients and provide... more  ^
You Are Not Alone
Sai Prema Foundation’s ‘You Are Not Alone’ is a mental health awareness initiative as well as the provision of specialist consultations by visiting Psychiatrists in... more  ^
Save Mother Earth
Sai Prema Foundation’s ‘Save Mother Earth’ is an online environmental awareness initiative to educate and motivate Fijians to take greater care of the environment through... more  ^
Help In Kind
Sai Prema Foundation’s Help In Kind project is a disaster or need response initiative to help the citizens of Fiji in times of need. Fiji... more  ^
Sai Prema Ashram
The Sai Prema Ashram is located in the beautiful and serene region of Pacific Harbour, a 1-hour drive from Fiji’s capital Suva in Southern Fiji.... more  ^