Sai Sanjeevani Fiji

The vision of the Children’s Hospital is to become the most important pediatric cardiac care centre for Fiji and the Pacific Island nations. Pursuant to the principles of the Foundation, no child or parent will pay for the surgery. All services at the Hospital including Heart Surgery will be provided completely free of charge.  

The FJD$25 million Hospital was officially inaugurated by the then Hon. Prime Minister of Fiji on 27th April, 2022. This hospital will make this the largest charitable project undertaken by an NGO in the history of Fiji. 

Despite the charitable nature of the project, the Sai Prema Foundation has created a world-class facility with the aim of providing the best possible surgery and treatment to the children of Fiji and the Pacific.

The Sai Prema Foundation is committed to providing free training abroad for Fijians in its bid to build local capacity with a vision of one day transforming this specialist Hospital into one which is run with local Fijian Surgeons, Doctors and Medical personnel.